Image by Robert Bye

YMCA Bournemouth

Our 2021 Nominated Charities


This year Family Fest is proud to be supporting the charities 'Cherry Tree Nursery' and 'YMCA Bournemouth' which links into our 2021 theme, Mindfulness. With both of these charities local, they have the resources and teams in place to support you where it is needed most.

YMCA Bournemouth


We are inspired by key Christian values to work across areas such as Accommodation & Support, Family Work, Health & Wellbeing, Training & Education, and Support & Advice with the aim of transforming communities so that everyone can belong, contribute and thrive.


Each and every staff member passionately believes in the right of every individual to be safe…to have a place they can call ‘Home’….and that everyone has the opportunities to be able to thrive and fulfill their potential.


YMCA was founded in 1844, with the first mention in the record books of YMCA Bournemouth being 1879…..our mission has not altered, but we have found invaluable new ways to deliver and positively impact people’s lives locally.

The charity supports various areas within the local community including housing and support, family and relationships, youth work, and more. Based across Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole, the charity supports all ages.


YMCA Bournemouth will be attending our two-day festival when you will be able to meet the team and find out more about their amazing work. We will also be collecting donations across the weekend, and any donation will be greatly appreciated.