Sponsors & Partners

Since 2018 Family Fest has held two festivals bringing families and the community together in a safe, energetic and vibrant event site. Rob, founder of Family Fest and Coast Print & Design, created the festival in late 2017 with the vision of providing a small festival which would be enjoyed by the local community and further communities in the south.


In April 2018, the first year took place at Branksome Recreation Ground and we were fortunate enough to be supported by local businesses as well as the Branksome Community Centre, morebus and YMCA Bournemouth. In our first year, we had over 30 traders, a small funfair for the children, live music.

In June 2019, our second year was moved to our new site of Kings Park. We were supported by morebus as well as Absolute Music Trust who provided our live music programme. Our second year had over 40 traders, a small funfair for the children, live music programme, our brand new food stretch.

Delivered by a small team of festival makers in Bournemouth and Wimborne, all of the events team have a passion for community events and bringing families together.

2021 Festival


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