Welcome to our new online home!

Introducing the brand new Family Fest website!

Today we launch our new website, modern and stylish, available for you to explore. Not only is our website more user-friendly and clean, but it also has all of the must-have pages to visit to find all the details about our festival - our 2022 ticket options, our festival zones, our festival charity, and discovering Family Fest!

The website has been developed in our house by Family Fest's founder and event director, Rob Batson, who is proud of what the festival has become over the last few years. The development of the website is ongoing and improvements and new features will be added as time goes on.

Whether you are new to Family Fest or a returning annual festival-goer, we hope to see you in 2022 and you can keep up to date all through our website before and during our festival.

How do I buy 2022 tickets?

Buying tickets through our online home is so simple! Simply follow these instructions and you will have your tickets in your mailbox in under 10 minutes:

  1. Visit our 2022 tickets area on our website - familyfestdorset.co.uk/2022-tickets

  2. Click either 'day tickets' or 'weekend tickets' option

  3. Choose between child/student, adult, or group tickets and the amount you would like for each ticket (see details below for age restrictions on tickets)

  4. Enter your details as the ticket holder and add a payment option (card or PayPal)

  5. Check all your details are correct, click buy tickets, and check your mailbox for your 2022 tickets (sometimes they can end up in spam, so check there as well)

Child/student tickets are for anyone aged 5 to 15 or with a valid student ID and adult tickets is for anyone aged 16 or over (as of 25th June 2022). Group tickets are for any 5 people (adults, students, or children) but one person aged 16 or over must be present on the day.

Your feedback is welcomed!

We would love to have your support in making our website as best as possible for you, the festival visitor, and any likes or dislikes or comments about our website (including any changes you would like to potentially see) can be sent to us via our online contact form. By doing this, you are supporting our festival in a little way, making a big change.