Family Fest 2021 - Live Music Schedule


Reminiscence - UK is a Solo, Live Music Project conceived by Peter J Carter.

Peter, a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, has been involved with music and bands since the late ’60s. His most formative years were in the ’70s, which is where he draws his genre from.

The name “Reminiscence” is very apt, as all the music played has been selected from the songs that had the most influence on him from that great era of Blues and Rock Music.

Included in his repertoire there are many cover songs and several original songs from the same era, penned whilst in various bands. Being a solo artist requires the use of backing tracks. In the case of Reminiscence, all the backing tracks have been self-created by Peter, using some clever technology, and then played back whilst adding live vocals (with harmonies) and at least one live instrument on each track.

Scheduled Events:

This artist will be playing on Sunday 25th July at 1.30pm on the Growers Stage.

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