Marco Di Gaetano

Family Fest 2021 - Live Music Schedule

Marco Di Gaetano at Family Fest 2021 on Saturday 24th July at 2pm on HOT Stage in Wimborne, Dorset


Marco is a local singer/songwriter, guitarist and loop pedalist from Ringwood who began his music journey as a child performing in local competitions before venturing further afield.

His love of music and passion for live performance solidified through these early years and in 2014, aged 14; he penned his first song ‘’Insanity’’. Marco is a bass and baritone singer but his full vocal range spans five octaves when singing in his falsetto/head voice. He enjoys creating songs where he can layer his vocals using his loop pedal to create harmonies that underpin his unique style of music.

Marco has his first upcoming album called “Mindset” released early spring next year with help from Hangover Hill – a record label that he’s signed to. You can check out his music on all the major streaming platforms – Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp under the Hangover Hill Records webpage.

As well as being a singer/songwriter, Marco also has a big catalogue of pop and rock covers spanning from the 1960s to present day to entertain you.

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This artist will be playing on Saturday 24th July at 2pm on the HOT Stage.

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