Hannah Louise

Family Fest 2021 - Live Music Schedule


Hannah Louise started singing at the age of 7 or 8 when she started the school choir and has been singing ever since. Within her school musical life, she had many wonderful opportunities such as singing at Poole Lighthouse on several occasions and other events.

After school, she joined a local community choir where she had solo opportunities. With the choir, we had the opportunity to sing over at St Mary’s Church on Brownsea Island plus many other places. I decided to stop going to the choir in 2015 to try as a soloist and since then it has been fairly successful.

She has been singing at various events across Dorset since 2015. Where she made her debut as a soloist on stage at Bournemouth Square for the Christmas season. It’s been from that I have had other gig opportunities.

Scheduled Events:

This artist will be playing on Saturday 24th July at 4.15pm on the Growers Stage.

Socials & Website:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HannahLouiseMusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hannah_louise_music