Grinning Dog Records

Family Fest 2021 - Traders


Grinning Dog Records are a family-run record label based in beautiful Dorchester, Dorset. We love music and animals, especially our four dogs (Niles the Jack Russell being the inspiration for our logo).

Although we are up with the latest trends of the music business our heart is more traditional in that we love CD and Vinyl. We love a physical album with great artwork, booklet of lyrics and pictures, information on who played what, who produced it, where it was recorded, who mixed and mastered it. It all adds to the experience of enjoying and holding an album.

We firmly believe that music is a core value in people’s lives and we want to play a part in releasing hidden talent to a wider audience so we are also opening an accessible recording studio in Dorchester, look out for Echotown Studio coming soon!

Trading Days:

This trader will be trading on Saturday of Family Fest.

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