Beryl (Official Partner)

Family Fest 2021 - Official 2021 Partner

Extension of Zone to Family Fest site - see below for full details


Our story began in 2012, with the launch of our founder Emily Brooke’s Laserlight. Our urban cycling products have been adopted by key bike-share schemes around the world - London, NY, and Montreal. Working with them we learned the challenges of offering bike share as a viable mobility solution, since then we've been striving to do things differently.

We are now proud of launching our own Beryl bike share scheme. Through our bikes and lights, we keep focusing on our purpose and tackling the barriers to urban cycling, improving our cities for all.

From the Sandbanks ferry terminal to Hengistbury Head, get a lungful of fresh sea air as you explore Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch on two wheels. With Beryl Bays positioned at key attractions, transport hubs and workplaces throughout the city, you'll always find a bike nearby.

Unlock, ride and park:

Download the app and unlock a bike. Enjoy the ride, then park in Beryl Bay or in a considerate location of your choice. A convenience fee will apply for out-of-bay parking.

Download the app today:

Beryl Zone

Beryl Bikes can be found within a large, designated operating zone across the city, clearly marked on the map above and in the app. You'll be charged a penalty for parking outside the Beryl Zone.

Extension of Zone to Family Fest site

Beryl Bikes are being extended to our festival site for 2021 in Wimborne. Simply hop on a bike in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole or an E-Scooter in Bournemouth or Poole and park the bike/ E-Scooter in our on-site bay which can be found in our Active Zone*.

We recommend buying either the 400 minutes bundle for £20.00 (available on bikes & E-Scooters) or a day pass available for £12.00 (available on bikes only) which can be purchased via the Beryl app. E-Scooters are +£1.50 for every unlock.

If you don't park within the bay on-site, you will be charged £5 for parking outside of a bay or £10 for parking outside a zone.

*Please note that you must have tickets for Family Fest to park in the bay on site.

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