Be part of a small film about Wimborne this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, Wimborne BID is making a film about Wimborne, starring the people who live, work, and shop there. That means you.

You can create the film yourself using phones and devices and then send the clips directly to Wimborne BID. They will put everything together to create a snapshot of the town over 24 hours.


Because this is a pivotal moment in our history. 

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and it’s a tough time for many of us. But for all the trials and tribulations, times like these define who we are - the way we stand together and support the community around us. Whether in the home or on the front line, what we do every day makes an enormous impact. This film is about real people and heroes, everyday challenges, and achievements.

That’s why Wimborne BID wants to know about a day in your life.

What should I film? 

Anything you like, from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to bed. Tell us how you’re feeling, what you’re worried about, what makes you happy. Tell us about everyday things, or extraordinary. Tell us heart-warming stories, or heart-rending.

Perhaps there’s something, or someone, who inspires you, or a favourite shop that’s been especially supportive during these difficult times. Perhaps you’re a shop-owner who’s had to adapt to make the experience safe for customers, or a business that’s had to change to survive. You may even already have some footage, or photos, that you want to share. Whatever it is, we can use it.

Any filming tips?

Make sure -

•    You hold the phone in landscape mode, rather than portrait.

•    We can hear what you’re saying. Loud noises nearby could disrupt the sound quality.

•    It’s a safe environment to film.

•    Anyone you’re filming is happy to be in the final film.

•    You always respect the 2-meters social distancing rule.

Uploading your film

Upload your film to the Wimborne BID Google Drive or email / we transfer to By uploading your video you are giving Wimborne BID permission to use your footage to create a promotional film this Christmas for Wimborne. 

This is your chance to be in a very special film: Our Kind of Town This Christmas. A unique record in your words, and through your eyes, of a time that won’t be forgotten.