Our Eco Commitment


Our festival fully commits to protecting the environment!​


Family Fest has a full commitment to helping the environment and we are proud to help protect our local area in a selection of different ways. We strongly believe that the way we view and treat the environment impacts the way we live and work and think it is important that everyone has the opportunity to share in the responsibility of sustaining the environment.​

We are committed to using local services and hiring where possible to reduce emissions including the hire of toilets, first aid, and fencing services. By doing this, we make sure we are supporting local independent businesses while saving miles and miles on emissions from using hirers further a-field.

Across our festival site, we ask traders and contractors to use super-silent generators to protect the environment which reduces noise pollution traveling to neighboring communities. We also promote for the festival-goers to come by bus, bike, or walk, where possible, and have limited parking on-site to help support this.


As well as our commitments above, we are proud to be able to have our Eco Hub within our trading village which provides eco-friendly packaging and products including vegan traders. 


Official Charity

We're proud to be supporting...

Cherry Tree Nursery

for 2022!