Live Music Schedule

Over 20 hours of local live music by local musicians and artists across two stages​.

Local talent is key and we are excited to be bringing over 20 artists and musicians with over 20 hours of live music across two stages including musicians who have been on the likes of X-Factor and The Voice as well working with legends in the music industry including Rolling Stones.

HOT Stage has live music from 11am to 7pm daily and is supported by Hot Radio, your local radio station.

The Growers Stage has live music from 12pm to 5pm and is supported by Townsend Community Growers, a local community project.

Get your dancing shoes on, get a drink at our small bar and party like you have never before with a range of artists and musicians to suit everyone, any age and background.

Please note: Due to covid-19 track and trace, some artists might be self-isolating and our schedule may be changed last minute. We intend to continue to have live music across both days as much as possible.