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Since 2018 Family Fest, formerly known as Spring Arts Fest, has held two festivals and one virtual fest bringing families and the community together in a safe, energetic and vibrant event site. Rob, founder of Family Fest and Coast Print & Design, created the festival in late 2017 with the vision of providing a small festival which would be enjoyed by the local community and further communities in the south.


In April 2018, the first year took place at Branksome Recreation Ground and we were fortunate enough to be supported by local businesses as well as the Branksome Community Centre, morebus and YMCA Bournemouth. In our first year, we had over 30 traders, a small funfair for the children, live music. Our 2018 version of our festival supported Amelia's Rainbow and YMCA Bournemouth and over £250 was raised for the charities.

In June 2019, our second year was moved to our new site of Kings Park. We were supported by morebus as well as Absolute Music Trust who provided our live music programme. Our second year had over 40 traders, a small funfair for the children, live music programme, our brand new food stretch. Our 2019 version of our festival supported Amelia's Rainbow and we raised over £300 for the charity.

Our 2020 festival was due to go ahead in late May but due to the pandemic, we decided as an events team to postpone the event until August 2020. After reviewing in late June, we decided to postpone our 2020 festival until the end of May Bank Holiday in 2021 and we brought a new concept - Virtual Fest. Our Virtual Fest included two days of live music from local artists, gym sessions, demonstrations and a whole host more. Partnered with Wimborne BID and morebus, our Virtual Fest was a great success with over 10,000 people tuning in across the two days. Virtual Fest supported Amelia's Rainbow.

Delivered by a small team of festival creators and festival makers in Bournemouth and Wimborne, all of the events team have a passion for community events and bringing families together.

Meet The Team


Charity Co-Ordinator

My name is Claire, and I am one of the Family Fest Charity Co-Ordinators alongside Anne, who is my mum.  I have a background in working with local families, volunteering in community projects and I am an enthusiastic individual to help within the festival team.


I worked alongside Rob, who's my nephew, at the

last two festivals as a Festival Maker and I am keen

to bring the community together in a safe and fun

way during these difficult times.


Music Co-Ordinator

My name is Ade, and I am the Family Fest Music Co-Ordinator. I have a background of working within the retail sector and over the years I have supported many local music events & festivals.

I am involved in Family Fest because my son, Rob, is the founder and it is a great way to meet new connections within the events industry.


Charity Co-Ordinator

My name is Anne, and I am one of the Family Fest Charity Co-Ordinators alongside Claire. I am a self-employed soft furnisher, volunteer at Townsend Community Fridge Project, and chairperson of Townsend Community Growers, a raised bed community garden for residents. I have organised a fundraising event in the past and supported local charities, for example organising raffles.

I joined Family Fest two years ago and supported the previous two festivals. The founder of Family Fest, Rob, is my grandson and I am supporting his great adventure of being in events management.


Festival Zone Ambassador

My name is Joanna, and I am one of the Family Fest Festival Zone Ambassadors.  I have a professional background in working for a national workwear and laundry company and I am a mum to 3 beautiful children who enjoy family festivals, forest and beach days out.


I've volunteered at the last two festivals and have been supporting my nephew, Rob, with his venture of Family Fest since the beginning and have seen the event go from strength to strength. I look forward to supporting each year as well as networking, bringing enjoyment, and happiness each year.


Founder & Events Manager

Hi! I'm Rob and I am the Founder and Events Manager here at Family Fest.

Since an early age, I have been keen to develop my own small events within the local area and in 2018 I opened my first small festival. With a background in stage & screen and stage assistant, I was keen to start a new adventure during my final year completing BTEC's and this is where Family Fest began.

Family Fest is here to connect people together safely and bring local communities together while promoting local charities, independents and musicians.

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